Surf's Up!
Surfies, boaties and the Coast Guard all need to know the weather: now, and up-to-date. tells you what it's like in the spot you're going. Get the details for your favourite wind surfing sites by SMS; or their website.

The Challenge

The value to customers is weather details from the exact spot they are looking for wind. The MET service didn't always have weather stations in those places: needed to set up their own weather stations in the locations that mattered most to their customers. began with their own solution: how hard could it be? Remote, unmanned weather stations were connected to modems which sent the data back to base. However, staff found themselves driving from beach to beach fixing communications problems instead of marketing, selling and growing; or enjoying some of that beach time building sand castles with their families.

Keeping 5 minute weather feeds going 24x7x365 were costing too much time; too much potential; too much profit. needed a better way.

The Solution

Digital Telemetry services took over the weather data collection and delivery, adding network management and monitoring.

Digital Telemetry supplied customised cellular modem controllers and provided data delivery of weather information to the servers: every 5 minutes, ever since. look after the weather stations and their business; Digital Telemetry look after the network, data collection and delivery.

The Payoff was immediately able to shift their focus away from collecting weather information and back to selling it. The costs of collecting weather data are now predictable; Digital Telemetry services mean the end-to-end solution is now hassle free. The time saved by partnering with a specialist company is now spent on core business aspects... and families.